Five Bone Health Program Physicians Selected as Best Doctors in America 2018

(top left to right) James Avery, MD; Roberto Civitelli, MD; Laura Colletti, MD (bottom left to right) Kathryn Diemer, MD; Michael P. Whyte, MD

Congratulations to five of our Bone Health Physicians for being placed on the Best Doctors in America for 2018 list: James Avery, MD, Roberto Civitelli, MD, Laura Colletti, MD, Kathryn Diemer, MD, and Michael P. Whyte, MD.

The Best Doctors in America is an online resource developed by Best Doctors, Inc. Best Doctors believes physicians are the most qualified to evaluate the experience and skill sets of other physicians. Physicians are asked “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, who would you choose?” Complete information about the selection process can be found at the Best Doctors web site.

This list is also published every August by St Louis Magazine.