Current SDTP Trainees


Alec Beeve, BME Graduate Student

Mentor: Erica Scheller, DDS, PhD

Project title: Effects of acute and chronic bioelectric nerve stimulation on bone metabolism: towards a novel osteoanabolic therapy




Jennifer Brazill, PhD

Mentor: Erica Scheller, DDS, PhD

Project title: Skeletal innervation and neural regulation of bone modeling in health and diabetes




Ariella Coler-Reilly, Graduate Student

Mentor: Tim Peterson, PhD

Project title: Modulating genes differentially expressed with age in order to ameliorate age-associated decline in musculoskeletal health




Jeremy Eekhoff, BME Graduate Student

Mentor: Spencer Lake, PhD

Project title: Defining the role of elastic fibers in multiscale mechanics of functionally distinct tendons




Lisa Lawson, PhD

Mentor: Matthew Silva, PhD

Project title: Wnt-mediated bone formation in response to mechanical loading




Leila Saleh, PhD

Mentor: Farshid Guilak, PhD

Project title: Designing a smart-cell loaded dynamic drug delivery system for the delivery of biologic therapeutics in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis




Past SDTP Trainees

  • Adam Abraham, PhD  (6/2013 – 12/2015)

Mentor: Simon Tang, PhD

Project: Detrimental effects of diabetes mellitus on intervertebral disc health

  • Britta Anderson, PhD  (8/2014 – 6/2017)

Mentor: Audrey McAlinden, PhD

Project: Role of microRNAs in regulating cartilage development and homeostasis

  • Anna Ballard, PhD  (3/2016 – 2/2019)

Mentor: Deborah Veis, MD, PhD

Project: Molecular and biochemical investigation of the genotype-phenotype correlation in rare osteolytic syndromes, Juvenile Paget’s Disease and Multicentric Carpo-Tarsal Osteolysis

  • Corinne Decker, PhD  (7/2011 – 6/2015)

Mentor: Roberta Faccio, PhD

Project: The role of TMEM178 in osteoclasts and innate immune cells during inflammatory arthritis

  • Gregory Fox (9/2017 – 8/2020)

Mentor: Katherine Weilbaecher, MD

Project: Role of bone-induced integrin β3 in chemoresistance of skeletal metastasis

  • Katherine Hixon, PhD  (4/2019 – 8/2019)

Mentor: Matthew Silva, PhD

Project: The development and rescue of an atrophic nonunion model

  • Nilsson Holguin, PhD  (3/2014 – 6/2014)

Mentor: Matthew Silva, PhD

Project: The role of mechanical forces on β-catenin of aged intervertebral disc health

  • Stephen Linderman, MD, PhD  (7/2014 – 2/2016)

Mentor: Stavros Thomopoulos, PhD

Project: Developmentally guided tissue engineering for enthesis regeneration

  • Sara McBride-Gagyi , PhD  (7/2011 – 1/2014)

               Mentor: Matthew Silva, PhD

Project: Contribution of BMP2 to woven bone formation and accompanying angiogenesis

  • Feini (Sylvia) Qu, VMD, PhD  (1/2018 – 1/2019)

Mentor: Farshid Guilak, PhD

Project: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Murine Digit Regeneration

  • Muhammad Farooq Rai, PhD  (7/2011 – 5/2013)

Mentor: Linda Sandell, PhD

Project: Articular cartilage regeneration and ear-wound healing in genetic mouse models

  • Philip Roper, PhD (9/2019 – 8/2020)

Mentor: Deborah Veis, MD, PhD

Project: Determining factors that underlie osteomyelitis-related bone changes

  • Michael Ross, PhD  (9/2015 – 8/2017)

Mentor: Katherine Weilbaecher, MD

Project: Efficacy of αvβ3 integrin-targeted nanoparticles directed against breast cancer bone metastases

  • Eric Schmidt, PhD  (7/2012 – 7/2015)

Mentors: Linda Sandell, PhD and James Cheverud, PhD

Project: Genetic architecture of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in mice

  • Andrea Schwartz, PhD  (7/2011 – 5/2014)

Mentor: Stavros Thomopoulos, PhD

Project: Physical and biological factors necessary for enthesis mineralization during postnatal development

  • Andrea Schwartz, PhD  (8/2017 – 7/2018)

Mentor: Farshid Guilak, PhD

Project: The role of Piezo Ion Channels in a murine model of post-traumatic osteoarthritis

  • Sheree Speckman  (12/2015 – 7/2016)

Mentor: Gabriel Mbalaviele, PhD

Project: The role of NLRP3 inflammasone in osteoclasts

  • Calvin Stephens, PhD  (3/2016 – 4/2016)

Mentor: David Curiel, MD, PhD

Project: Modified adenovirus for local and systemic delivery of anti-apoptotic factors in mouse model of cartilage damage

  • CuiCui Wang, PhD  (7/2018 – 6/2019)

Mentor: Regis O’Keefe, MD, PhD

Project: Metabolic reprogramming via lgf1 signaling in cartilage maintenance by the TGFβ pathway

  • Heather Zannit, PhD  (7/2018 – 6/2019)

Mentor: Matthew Silva, PhD

Project: Osteoblast recruitment and bone formation in aging mice due to mechanical loading

  • Rong Zeng, PhD  (3/2012 – 2/2016)

Mentor: Deborah Veis, MD, PhD

Project: Determining targets of RelB in the NF-κB signaling pathway in osteoclast function