Avioli Musculoskeletal Research Seminars

This weekly lecture series is named after the founder of our Division, Dr. Louis V. Avioli, and it provides a venue for the exchange of information among Washington University faculty members as well as with frequent guest speakers. This conference has served as an impetus for numerous collaborations and consequent publications. In most cases, speakers include faculty or trainees, but visiting professors with internationally recognized expertise in bone and mineral metabolism are regularly hosted. Attendance is typically in excess of 60 individuals, and it is ongoing from September through to May.

These seminars also provide a didactic opportunity for pre- and post-doctoral trainees as they are exposed to the latest developments in skeletal and related research and have the opportunity to interact with prominent investigators.

Location: Steven & Susan Lipstein BJC Institute of Health, 5th Floor, Nathaniel Allison Conference Room and via Zoom

Contact: For information about speakers and the schedule, contact Dr. Deborah Veis (dveis@wustl.edu).

Skeletal Biology and Pathophysiology Mini-Course

This lecture series offered in August and September covers fundamental aspects of bone and mineral homeostasis, bone, cartilage and tendon biology, bone biomechanics and biomineralization.

Topics also include biostatistical approaches and fundamental methodologies for skeletal phenotype analysis in vivo and models for in vitro assessment of cartilage and bone cell function. Pathophysiology of postmenopausal osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis, renal and diabetic bone disease, bone metastasis, and disuse will be discussed in the context of available model systems and current clinical practice.

This lecture series, organized on a 2-year cycle with 5-6 lectures per year, is designated to complement courses available through the DBBS graduate training program focusing on topics that are fundamental for the formation of a skeletal biology investigator.

Location: Steven & Susan Lipstein BJC Institute of Health, 5th Floor, Nathaniel Allison Conference Room and via Zoom.

Contact: Dr. Deborah Veis (dveis@wustl.edu)

Skeletal Health Multidisciplinary Case Conference Series (CME Certified – JME04)

This weekly conference reflects the appeal of skeletal investigation to the Washington University community, as it comprises an interdisciplinary group of clinicians, pathologists, radiologists and geneticists, as well as adult and pediatric endocrine fellows, residents and medical students during elective rotations, and practitioners affiliated with Washington University interested in osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases. Typically, 2-3 patients are presented by faculty or fellows.

In most circumstances, trans-iliac bone biopsies are presented, reviewed and discussed. Cases are chosen for discussion because of their educational ramifications. This weekly meeting represents a key component of the training of clinically-oriented post-doctoral trainees, and it is open to all students, residents and fellows interested in real life cases of metabolic bone disorders. The conference is also attended by basic scientists interested in mechanisms of skeletal disease and translational medicine. For more information, please contact Dr. Naga Yalla.

Location: Zoom. Please email Jennifer Vollmer for meeting information.

Contacts: Dr. Naga Yalla (nagamyalla@wustl.edu)