André  Coello Hernández 

André Coello Hernández 

Mentor: Matthew Silva, PhD

Project title: Critical Window for Periosteal Progenitor Cell Proliferation in Atrophic Nonunion Murine Model.

Lindsey  Kuehm

Lindsey Kuehm

Mentor: Russell K. Pachynski, MD

Project Title: Defining the role of and therapeutically modulating chemerin in the prostate bone tumor microenvironment.

Carolyn Lazaroff

Carolyn Lazaroff

Mentor: Roberta Faccio, PhD

Project: Role of bone marrow derived Fsp1+/Osx+ cells on tumor progression and bone homeostasis.

Rebecca Reals

Rebecca Reals

Mentor: Spencer Lake, PhD

Project title:  Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory treatment strategies for post-traumatic joint contracture.

Nina (Shirley) Tang, PhD

Nina (Shirley) Tang, PhD

Mentor: Farshid Guilak, PhD

Project Title: Intergenerational and Environmental Epigenetic Regulation of Obesity and Osteoarthritis.