Events / Avioli Musculoskeletal Research Seminar

Avioli Musculoskeletal Research Seminar

9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
Zoom Meeting, 660 South Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110

Short Talks by Musculoskeletal Research Center Award Recipients and Trainees:

  • Gabriel Haller, PhD (MRC Pilot & Feasibility Award)
    Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery
    “Zebrafish models of genes associated with Chiari I malformation”
  • Austin Hensley
    PhD Student, McAlinden Lab, Orthopaedic Surgery
    “Modulation of microRNAs to engineer a layered osteochondral tissue construct”
  • Feini  (Sylvia) Qu, VMD, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Guilak Lab, Orthopaedic Surgery
    “Cellular and molecular mechanisms of murine digit regeneration”
  • Lisa Lawson, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Silva Lab, Orthopaedic Surgery
    “Understanding How Mechanical Loading Regulates Bone Anabolism: The Role of Wnt Proteins”
  • Philip Roper, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Veis Lab, Bone and Mineral Diseases
    “Determining Differences in Clinical Isolates of Osteomyelitis”


Please email Christina Grantham ( for Zoom meeting ID and password.