Congratulations to Roberto Civitelli, M.D. 2023 Gideon A. Rodan Excellence in Mentorship Award Recipient 

We’re honored to share some incredible news that we received from the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR). Dr. Civitelli has been announced as the recipient of the highly prestigious ASBMR 2023 Gideon A. Rodan Excellence in Mentorship Award! It’s a tremendous honor and a true testament to Dr. Civitelli’s outstanding contributions. This prestigious accolade is bestowed annually to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of a senior scientist in fostering the independent careers of young investigators in the field of bone and mineral metabolism.

Dr. Civitelli’s nomination for this award was put forth by Dr. Nicola Napoli, and seconded by esteemed colleagues Drs. Joseph Stains and Reina Villareal, all past trainees of Dr. Civitelli. The official award presentation will take place during the ASBMR Annual Meeting, scheduled to be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada from October 13-16, 2023.

ASBMR has made the official announcement regarding this achievement through their E-Newsletter.

“Dr. Roberto Civitelli is a Professor of Medicine and serves as the Chief of the Division of Bone and Mineral Disease at Washington University in St. Louis. Hailing from Siena, Italy, Dr. Civitelli has been affiliated with the Division of Bone and Mineral Diseases since 1985, shaping its trajectory through his invaluable contributions. As a distinguished physician-scientist, he has made significant impacts with over 200 influential articles and leads a dynamic bone biology program. Dr. Civitelli’s dedication extends to patient care, as he provides specialized treatment for individuals with metabolic bone disorders. He has held leadership positions in ASBMR, including President (2013-2014), and other international professional organizations. Throughout his remarkable career, Dr. Civitelli has made a lasting impact as a researcher, clinician, advocate, and, perhaps most importantly, as a mentor who has positively shaped the lives of numerous researchers and physicians, nurturing the future of the musculoskeletal field.”

ASBMR E-News Letter 9/22/2023

Please join us in extending our warmest and sincerest congratulations to Dr. Civitelli. This exceptional recognition not only honors his unwavering commitment to teaching and mentoring,  but also acknowledges the indelible impact he has made in shaping careers and fostering growth.