Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week!

The Washington University Registered Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program stands as a beacon of opportunity and growth. This program has been a transformative force in the lives of many, exemplifying the extraordinary results that can be achieved when individuals unite with a shared vision. Driven by a collective understanding of the value of investing in both the future of our workforce and our community, this initiative has truly made a lasting impact.

In commemoration of National Apprenticeship Week, the program team is hosting an event designed to recognize the dedication and hard work of the apprentices and to celebrate the promising future of the program. This event will take place on the Med School Campus.

Within our division, we are proud to showcase outstanding individuals who are currently part of the program, Kay Gandy and Aniya Spann. Their dedication and commitment to continuous learning are exemplary traits that define the essence of this program. As they progress on their journey towards becoming medical assistants, they serve as a wellspring of inspiration for those treading a similar path.

Furthermore, we have been privileged to witness the remarkable growth and accomplishments of former trainees. We take great pride in acknowledging the achievements of Yasmine Adams and Janell Irons, who have not only successfully completed the program but have also made a significant impact in our clinics, further underscoring the program’s effectiveness.

To learn more about Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program and explore opportunities for participation or support, we invite you to visit this link.